Hooded Tops
Type 1
Navy, White, Blue, Red
The original EN-S hoodie. Early ones made from Triacetate and Polyester, later ones using 2 types of 100% Polyester
Type 2
Navy, White, Blue, Red
Slight variation of the above, addition of horizontal band and "Surf" screen print on the back.
Type 3
Navy, Red, White
Made from 2 types of 100% Polyester, style slightly similar to the Wellington
Grey, Blue, White, Black
Similar to the first EN-S hoodie. But with diagonal lower half. Similar to the Puma hoodie
LUFC and MUFC hoodies
These ones made by EN-K, though you wouldn't know it, no logo.
Colorado ?
It's looks like an Adidas Colorado but it has an EN-S logo!
All the hooded tops here have a dead cool zip danglie