Styles: Colorado - New York - Wellington - Longbeach - Manhattan - Trinidad - Lasvegas - Unknown's
Type 1
Blue, Navy, Red, YellowYellow, Sky, Navy, Royal
Yellow, Blue, Copper Green and WhiteSky, Copper Green, Ice Green, Yellow
Yellow, Copper Green, Grey, Coral PinkWhite, Red, Royal, Green
The largest variety of colours were made in W.Germany. The first 2 were the most popular. 65% Polyester 35% Triacetate.
They were that popular, some had a good go at copying them.
Sky, Yellow, Royal and Red made by EN-K
Yellow, Sky, Navy and Royal made by Walker.

Type 2
Navy, Royal, White, RedSky, Navy, Royal, White
Two Colorado's made in the U.K. by 3892 Made from 55% Nylon 45% Triacetate and have a square Adidas trefoil YKK zip.

Type 3
Grey, Green, Royal, RedRoyal, Grey, Light Grey, Light Green
Colorado's made in the U.K. 56% Nylon 44% Acetate

Type 4
Sky, Yellow, Royal, Red
This one, which is made in the U.K. is a bit unique as it's the only one I have which is made from 69% Polyester 31% Cupro
Light Blue, Navy, WhiteYellow, Caribic, White
Grey, Light Blue, NavyWhite, Navy, Red
Remember these from the early 80's? No doubt about it, one of my favourites. I doubt if you see many of these in A1 condition these days. The Adidas trefoil and trim peeled off if you were not very careful. Made from shiny 60% Polyester 40% Triacetate. Light blue, dark blue and white was the most popular colour.
Grey, Light Blue, Red
This top is exactly the same style as the Longbeach. God only knows why it was named Manhattan. The only things different from a Longbeach are an Opti Zip, thicker hood cord, 100% Polyester and made in the U.K. Anyone know why it got the style name Manhattan?
New York
White, Navy, RedNavy, White, Red
Black, Green, White
"New York" hoodies. All these ones here were made in the U.K. Popular "N.Y." style with the contrast arm band and piped trim. They were not designed to have a cord in the hood, just in case you look and think it's missing!
Adidas reproduced a black, green and white New York in 1990. Same design but made from post 1990 regular polyester and made in Hong Kong. See the new one and compare it to the old (sick bowl please)
Turquoise, White, NavyBlack, Coral and Green
Navy, White and Red
"Wellington" hooded top, (not the footwear). Made in the U.K. These tops are lightweight as no part of the item is lined. They are made from a very shiny 75% Polyester 25% Triacetate.
Déjà vu? They reproduced a Wellington again in about 1991. This time in grey and yellow, but with the typical post 1990 "cheap" materials. See what you think
Produced in the late 80's
Black, Royal, Coral and Green
Slate Grey, Yellow, Green and Orange
Blue, Light Grey, Green and Orange also shows back detail
Matching bottoms for these 3 tops.
Las Vegas
Cyan, Red, Light GreySilver, Yellow, Brown
Baseball style yolk. Very, very long hood cord. Two zipped pock's. These were made in the late 80's and are about on my Old School collection cut off point. From here on, it all went a bit Hong Kong and "low cost" Polyester.
The unknown few
Some brill Adidas old school purchased second hand. There style names are not known, maybe you know?
Grey, Light Blue, White, Yellow
Made from Nylon and Acetate, ratios unknown
Navy, White
Full zip top. Dead shiny, Without labels or I.D.

What's 3892
Different manufacturers made items under licence for Adidas. The Colorado for example was made by a number of manufacturers and although the design remained the same. Trimmings and materials used were different. For example 3892 was the I.D. of Peter Black's a company in W. Yorkshire, England. They made Colorado, New York and Wellington hooded tops for Adidas.