Adidas "Longbeach" hooded top
60% Polyester 40% Triacetate

Very popular in the early 80's. Sold in many Sports shops throughout the UK Price back then was £39.99 (Not including trackie trousers)

Half Zip shiny hooded top in Sky blue, Navy and White Piping detail on sleeves, front & back. Lined hood and yoke. Hood drawcord with tied ends. Cold Printed flock Trefoil and trim. 2 types of template were in use for the trefoil. Colour matched Ziplon YKK 5C Zipper.
Made in The Philippines

When buying 2nd hand look for:-
Peeling/missing trefoil and trim *
Drawcord mangled (if not totally missing)
Zip paint chipped. *
Snags and pulls.
* = repairable Trackies has sourced original 80's white trim as used with this hoodie. Peeling trim can be replaced. Contact me for details.
Acquisition List
1 18 Sept 1986 Ripon market 39.99 34/36
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Most horrific sight yet! Discarded by Local Charity shop.
Hood with big melt hole and sleeve torn to shreds. Looked like motorbike accident victim judging by the road rash.