Topics: Holes - Fading logos - Zip logos - Fuzz - Ragged cords

Wrecked beyond repair? I think not........
Find yourself 30 minutes of spare time, new sharp scalpel blade, Sellotape and some fabric glue. Whatever glue you use must flow well and obviously be washable. Bostic All Purpose Clear Adhesive or Evo-Stik Multi Purpose Clear Adhesive are suitable.
Fading logos
Peeling and missing logos are usually caused purely by washing. Obviously you need to wash your old school but the damage can be minimised by sticking to a few do's and don'ts. This section deals exclusively with the velour or felt type as used on many hooded tops. Your going to need a new sharp scalpel, fabric glue, glue solvent, thin preferably air mail paper and depending on what equipment you have, either a photocopier or a scanner, graphics software and printer. Example of damage that can be restored
Zip logo missing
It's the sort of thing you get when you see a 2nd hand hooded top and then discover that some imbecile has pinched the tag, because they consider it "cool to tie from the laces on there sneakers". This example, of a New York hooded top is a fairly worst case situation. Being a half zip, you can't easily remove the slider. A full zip is easy as you can remove the slider by prizing out the zip stop with small pliers.
Polyester tricot more often referred to as just Polyester is what just about every track suit after 1989 was made from, and I hate it! It's just a shame that some of the best designed hooded tops of the mid 80's were made from it. Puma hoodies in this archive are an example. The problem is that the individual polyester filaments are weak and break easily. This ends up as fuzz on the surface. So if you have a track suit that is destined for the bin, click on the picture for a fix.
Ragged cords
Mangled & frayed hood cords, usually chewed off by the washing machine. Taped ends can be restored but forget just trying to wrap sticky tape around the ends as you won't get it tight or neat. You need Scissors, scalpel, a heat gun or a cigarette lighter, and 4 or 5mm diameter heat shrinkable tubing. A metal tube 4 or 5mm in diameter the ideal item for this being a section of broken telescopic radio aerial. Finally glue, Bostic All Purpose Clear Adhesive, Evo-Stik Multi Purpose Clear Adhesive or even better UHU plastic Adhesive

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